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Arousal, have you ever heard of it before?

If so, do you know it's capabilities, how to control it and manipulate it to benefit both you and your dog?

If you haven't heard of it, then let me give a quick little introduction.

Arousal is like a switch- it can turn a calm dog into a crackers dog, and by crackers i mean, continuously barking, jumping up, pulling horrendously on the lead, and even chasing really random things like cars or bikes.

Instead of crackers, it also triggers a lot of emotion the fuelling behind separation anxiety, dog reactivity, aggression, people reactivity and even resource guarding (AKA Possession).

Unfortunately, we can not remove the switch or Arousal.

However, by understanding it, we can manipulate it and use in a way that is 100X more beneficial, which in turn has a HUGE impact on our dog's behaviour, and well being and welfare.

Arousal takes time, consideration and has MANY factors, these are very individual to each dog, which is why it is mega important to understand YOUR dog and not compare or to guess what they like/dislike and what they need/don't need.

I designed this webinar to give you foundation understanding to arousal that you can use to better understand your dog and take your journey to the next destination! Because for me, I want you and your dog to have the life you deserve.

I promise you that this one key is one you NEED on your key chain if you want you and your dog to have the best life together...

Let's start controlling the crackers!




Your Instructor

Kayleigh Stangroom
Kayleigh Stangroom


Firstly, a massive warm welcome to the Praise and Paw Training Academy!

I am your instructor and coach throughout this journey we embark upon on, and i am very excited about it!

See you in the program!

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